What’s Happened To Branson?


I just spent the entire evening going from club to club in Branson.  I know the season hasn’t gotten underway yet but I miss the old days.  I remember when I moved here 20 years ago, there were so many places to go for LIVE music.  We would go to one club, sit in with the band and play a couple songs, then move on to another club to do the same thing.  All the locals knew which band had open mic nights and we all looked forward to seeing each other on a regular basis.  Not anymore!  I went to all but two or three clubs tonight and I proved it to myself.  People still prefer LIVE music over a DJ.  I know several DJ’s and I don’t want to pick at them but I think people are tired of hearing pre-recorded tunes.  DJ’s have to make money too.  BUT, each club that I visited that had LIVE music, the crowds were more involved and on the dance floor.  At each club, I took a few minutes to talk with each band, club owner or operator and/or security.  I told them about what we have with the “MoArk Entertainment Association”, they all had the same reactions.  They were so happy!!!  So, we need your help.  We need everyone to help us spread the word so no one within 50 miles of Branson will be able to say they have never heard of us.  I would like to say, “Thank You”, in advance for all your help.  Let’s keep LIVE music alive!!!

By MoArk Entertainment Association

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